1Samuel 4: Battle with the Philistines, Pt. 1


During this seasons of Israel’s life, the main enemy wasn’t the Egyptians, Assyrians, or Babylonians; it was the Philistines.

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1Samuel 4: Outline


The story of the fall of Eli’s family continues in the fourth chapter of 1Samuel.

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1Samuel 3: The Speaking of the Lord


Chapter 3 started with the observation that a word from the Lord was rare and visions were infrequent. However, with Samuel now in leadership, the Lord speaks frequently. And as Samuel’s influence grows, all of Israel, from Dan to Beersheba, knows the Lord was with this prophet.

The city of Shiloh, where the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant resided, would become Samuel’s headquarters during his ministry.

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1Samuel 3: The Shattering of Eli’s House


Eli the priest failed to correct his sons as they continued to violate God’s commands. Thus judgment would fall upon Eli’s house. And the mantle of leadership that should have been passed from Eli to his sons will now rest on Samuel.

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1Samuel 3: The Servant is Listening


This is the start of Samuel’s intimate relationship with the Lord that will shape his ministry. One of the characteristics of finishing well is a personal, vibrant relationship with God all the way to the end. This is exhibited throughout Samuel’s life. It’s interesting to note that it takes Eli the priest three times to recognize that it is the Lord calling Samuel. This might be an indication of Eli’s distant relationship with God.

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Saddleback: Exercise for Spiritual Fitness


My #sermonsketchnote of the weekend message taught by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.

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Bible Institute of Hawaii: Nahum


My #biblesketchnote of the book of Nahum as taught by Dr. Randy Furushima of the Bible Institute of Hawaii.

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1Samuel 3: The Silence of the Lord


The author makes a specific point: during this time, the word of the Lord and visions of the Lord were rare. A possibly reason can be found in Eli and his sons. The sons were ungodly in their ways and their father did little to correct them. Thus, their hardened hearts were in no position to hear the Lord. They stopped listening so the Lord stopped speaking.

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1Samuel 3: Outline


The story of Samuel’s anointing and the fall of Eli’s family continues in the third chapter of 1Samuel.

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1Samuel 2: Samuel: Honoring God Over Self


Contrasting the ungodly sons of Eli is the godly son of Hannah, Samuel. God sovereignly placed him in the tabernacle so he could learn from Eli the priest. It’s interesting to note how the description of Samuel’s growth is similar to Jesus’. This is the second parallel between the books of 1Samuel and Luke.

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